I am a first-generation college student and photojournalist from rural Mississippi and currently studying at Yale University. You can find my work in the pages of the New York Times, WSJ, Washington Post, Sun Herald, IndyStar, and many more. I still expect to get an email one of these days that says, "Whoops! We chose the wrong photograph!" but until then here we are...rocking and rolling with some cool bylines and a decorated fridge back home. 

My life in photography (it's only been 5 years, but hang with me) began the way every good story should — with a girl. She was on the yearbook staff, and I happened to have a mom interested in scrapbooking. Before I knew it, I was spending all my evenings uploading over-edited basketball images to Facebook. Our relationship didn't work out, but hopefully this whole love affair with cameras will.

As I started photographing sports in high school, I realized quickly what a camera could do. It wasn't just a shutter and a sensor — it was a passport. I wasn't just a tennis player anymore. I could be an actor behind the stage of the big play, a baseball player in the dugout during the playoffs, or a football player on the bus home after winning a rivalry game for the first time in decade. By photographing my community, I learned so much about who I am and what makes me happy.

And that's the feeling I chase. You can reach me at 662-315-7978 or

Headshot by Lena Ansari (in my college dorm room, with a broken lamp, a black blanket, and Em Tchorz holding the blanket behind. Thrifty.)

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