About Lukas Flippo

Lukas is a photographer and writer exploring rural communities in America through both place and people. Where they have been, where they are now, where they are headed. And the ways that direction, whether it be death by flight to the city or the revival of the quiet blink-of-an-eye downtown a stone’s throw from the Friday night heroes running to the cadence of cheerleaders who picked up their first pom-poms and uniforms from their mother, manifest themselves in the people who see that lone stoplight as home or a blinking reminder of what their home once was.

He has interned at the Sun Herald and the Mississippi Free Press, and he was a Pulliam Fellow at the Indianapolis Star in 2021. His work has been published in national publications such as the New York Times, Washington Post, TIME, and the Wall Street Journal. As a first-generation student at Yale University, he currently studies Visual, Literary, and Performative Cultures within American History, as well as journalism and Russian.  You can reach Lukas at 662-315-7978 or lukas.flippo@yale.edu.

Headshot by Lena Ansari (in a college dorm room, with a broken lamp, a black blanket, and Em Tchorz holding the blanket behind. Thrifty.)

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